For your "wiggly" little human (and your "wiggly" musician).

Meet The Little Wiggly.

Simple Open-Source, based on the design by 

Dr. Turner Osler and QOR360.

Fully Customizable by RK Woods.

Made in Hilo, Hawaii with Aloha.

"We are the anti-slumpers"

We approve your use of unsupported chairs.

"Is your chair re-shaping your posture?"


We’d love to talk about what matters to you. Because if you can sit on it, we can make it.

Your choice of wood made in the USA

We like to machine cut our chairs from plywood.

But for our custom chair builds, we use our inventory of local hardwoods.

We currently have a limited stock of Koa, Mango, and Sugi Pine available.

We can customize almost every aspect of The Little Wiggly™ to fit your needs.

So if customization sounds like something you are interested in, please email us at:

We design with happy shipping in mind

The Little Wiggly™ is designed to ship from Hawaii.


Please note, we normally ship our chairs unassembled so we can lower our cost of shipping and pass this savings on to you. 

But if you don't mind the additional shipping cost, we will fully assemble your chair before we ship it to you. 

Your purchase goes a long way in Hilo

We are grateful for your purchases because with your help, we can share more with local organizations that make a difference in our Hilo community. 

Please join our mailing list to receive updates on our giving.

This year, we are giving 20% of our profits from The Little Wiggly™ to The Heart Ranch in Hilo

"At our Core, we put the Work back into Sitting"

danger . . . please expect some physical and maybe even a tiny bit of emotional resistance.

about us

We like to make cool stuff for cool humans.

RK Woods is a small family woodworking shop in Hilo, Hawaii.

Recently, like most of you, we suddenly found ourselves homeschooling with no good unsupported sitting options for our sometimes slumpy, but usually very wiggly, five year-old daughter. 

So we went online to look for simple chair ideas. We chose an open-source design created by Dr. Turner Osler and QOR360 that looked interesting. And then used our CNC machine to make a few prototypes for our family and a few musician friends. 

We created this website to share what we found.   

The Little Wiggly

Discover how a simple idea can make a big difference for your little human. 

We are very grateful for the creativity and generosity of our open source community. And especially grateful for the social mission of Dr. Turner Osler and QOR360.

We are grateful for you.

Because with your help, every purchase of The Little Wiggly™ gives us the opportunity to share more with local organizations that make a difference in our Hilo community.

We make, play, and give from the heart.